Why have black boys become the new trend? Especially for Indian girls. Watch

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(Original post by harrysbar)
And you failed to give an answer as to why you accused him/her of giving monosyllabic answers when they didn't
He has vanished after posting a pointless unexplained point. I think this is actually now a pointless thread occupied by some people who just want to be pedantic or make meaningless comments so i am checking out and will no longer respond or contribute to this strange thread. Bye.
frogs r everywhere
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(Original post by AperfectBalance)
You would struggle to call rap and other 'black music' music.
Music's beauty is that it can be listened to by anyone who shares the same musical passions as you do. Try not to attach race to music as that just ruins its purpose. I may not understand the Kenyan Masaai Warrior's jumping dance ritual, I may not understand the continuous sounds created by the Australian aboriginals, I may not understand the music played by Pakistani tribal men, but it is still a form of art. It is still music which is composed under the influence of a culture and worldly outlook that may be different to one's own.

I may not be into rap music, but I would never look down on a genre that has some following, even if I don't understand it.

Try and expand your horizons outside of TSR please
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