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Hey, so this has been an ongoing issue for many years but it’s just getting worse and I honestly can’t deal with it anymore.
To cut a long story short, over uni holidays and at the end of term between exams I have to live with my parents a few hours away from uni. I also have final exams coming up and really need to study. I get on great with my dad, and he’s actually terminally ill so I’m keen to spend time at home with him, however my mother is very toxic and abusive. I’ve tried several times to persuade her to get mh support but she refuses, but she’s basically a very negative person to be around, emotionally abusive (and sometimes physically, as well as locking me in rooms etc). Idk how my dad can live with her, and I know their relationship is toxic bc of her but anyway.
I have to live here for a couple of months until I can get a job after exams and get my own place. I’m already finding it hard on my mental health and I’ve only been back a few days, being constantly shouted at, gaslit, and otherwise emotionally/mentally abused. My dad set my up a table to study at, but I have to cross paths with my mum to get to it/anywhere and abuse is basically unavoidable. I’m really looking for some tips with how to cope bc I can’t anymore. The local area doesn’t really have any study spaces and I’m not in a position to live anywhere else until July/August at the earliest.

I appreciate this is heavy and also very vague, and I wanna thank anyone in advance for their help. I just really need to pass my finals so I can move out but be close enough to somehow maintain a relationship with my dad lmao.
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