why does she continue into college and wait outside my class Watch

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She inserted herself into my life slowly like laughing at my jokes butting into conversations responding to stuff to talk to me or laughing. Asking me to repeat stuff to her then wait for me after class to scare me after we talk. I met her because she laughed long and hard at a bad joke I made then asked me to repeat it to her then after I talked to her waited after class for me to pop out say boo.She began finding any way to talk to me. While talking got red made no eye contact and smiled while hiding her face. Blushed around me. We’d joke around and tease each other a game between us. Her friends acted funny. Her friend pushed me to her. Her friend would ask me to be around them and find any excuse for me to, when her friend sat between us and talked to me and flirted with me she didn't seem to happy had an attitude. She wanted to be next to me and didn't want her friend between us in pictures. We started taking selfies and she'd want me to get close to her for all. She sent me the picture so I could post she would like it then tell me in person. She would approach me with her friend and her friend would just push me to her, if I ignored them or walked away they would follow me and just continue trying to talk to me. She got dressed up and her friend came and got me for a selfie with her. She found any way to talk to me and compliment me. Hover around me and try to talk to me, approaching me with her friends help.When I was minding my own business she would giggle say my name. Do it when I looked at her. Blush when I say hi. She liked a picture with my dad tagged in it to then tell me she likes it, so she can show up on both our notifications. While talking held never ending eye contact and smiled not stopping in silence. I'd break eye contact and she continues standing in front of me staring at me. She found out info about me to tell me. When I talked to her tried to scare me or take a selfie with me. Stare at me every chance. She showered me with so much flattery and attention. But the thing is, she never left me alone. She began butting in intensely when I talk to other people, especially girls and she would just start laughing loudly, butt in respond ask questions. I made a joke about moving out of town and she had some issue with me she stopped talking to me. Her friend told me I hurt her feelings. She continued staring at me and stuff but not anywhere near as happy. Then when I was talking to another guy she started screaming at me out of nowhere and calling me names attacking me. Her best friend would look at her and say her name when I enter a room. The thing is she never stopped, when I ignored her she would continue giggle and say my name when I said something bad. Say my name when I talked about something bad. Continue trying to butt into my conversations. She just never left me alone and didnt stop flirting with me. Say my name like bossing me around when I talk about something bad. I would just talk about height and weight to someone else and she said "Nobody else is as big as you". Her Friend would go around finding information about me then tell her and she told me everything she heard. She just never stops flirting and just so aggressive and when I ignore or just don't do anything she continues. Its like she would reward me if I talk to her by flirting with me, waiting for me after class to scare me or selfies and all her compliments.
As I got older and saw her around she went to a place with a clear view staring at me. I saw her at her work and she did that. I went to her work once and she saw me said hi, was in one spot then moved to another that was a clear view she could see me in and I could see her and she stayed there the whole time and stared. Then I saw her in a car. I stared at her not knowing it was her because she was laughing loudly. She looked over at me she held eye contact and stared back at me, when I broke eye contact didn't stop and watched me leave. She did this when my mom was right next to me. I broke eye contact and didn't look back. She didn't like that. Months later her and her mom go back on my fb to remove their likes on a pic dedicated to my dads death. Her mom liked my dad and she obviously talked about me to them because she found out that my dad bought a motorcycle from hers. After that she had an attitude, I worked with her, she stared at me while putting on a jacket and didn't stop when caught and the supervisor said something and she was shocked.
Well now we go to the same college she saw me when shes walking into her class and I was leaving that class she was showing up on time and sat down stared at me when I wasn't looking for a few seconds. Now after seeing me shows up 30 minutes early walks by looking in at me then walks by many times like 4+ times stands in the doorway then waits outside. Nobody does this and everyone else in her class is not there. Everyone else waits in their car between classes. Her friend acts like I don't exist when she sees me around and only went up to talk to me once. Her friend got a boyfriend and he lived right next door to me, she never said hi or anything.
I am just frustrated and upset in general because she never stops flirting with me in general and does it aggressively and when I ignore just persists and then eventually lashes out at me and does bad stuff. Then has some issue over stuff then lashes out at me. She never stops and just perists, she lashes out has an attitude over something stupid and starts up again. I get uncomfortable and ignore, she gets upset, angry and lashes me out. She showered me with so much attention, flattery and compliments. Selfies but I just can't get space or a break and when I get uncomfortable and ignore her or show negative body language/ response she just throws a fit and lashes out doing bad stuff. She acted like a supporting friend and shows support for stuff but then gets mad and take it away lashing out over that stuff. She just feels like a flirty big sister and using that dynamic to her advantage pushing me around and in a way bullying me. I just feel discouraged because I feel like she is the only female friend I really ever had. Her and her friend. Her friend would find any excuse to be around me and offered me a ride when it's unnecessary. She might know I am autistic because she is known for having a short fuse blowing up at people and she doesn't treat me that way and been extra patient wouldn't care if I interrupted her, ask questions on topics I am fixated with, instantly believe stuff I say take my side on stories when she was upset with me. Gets upset with me and then gets over it. I am just heartbroken because she feels like the best female friend i ever had and will never have someone like her again. The best female friend I had but she bossed me around and kind've abused me and has been for years. I have been hurting for years. I want to be friends but the way she acts makes me not want anything to do with her but I do care about her and love her platonically.
I met a girl when I was younger she did stuff that's impossible to ignore to get my attention. She continued this stuff for years and flirts to the point it is uncomfortable and doesn't stop then has an issue when I get mad or uncomfortable and ignore her and she lashes out. She does things that are impossible to ignore and continues this into college. Showing up 30 minutes early to her class when I am in the class before, and walking by a lot and standing in the door, waiting outside. I have not felt comfortable by how she acts and have been ignoring her.
PS: I am autistic but on the high functioning end of the spectrum and not everyone knows
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Oh please, not again!
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