define asian kids? as an individual or just as another asian girl Watch

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As an asian girl live in uk/fr, i sometime feel very different from my classmates because we look different, and think differently sometime.When i first arrived, i was categorised as minority-asian the first time...cause I was the majority in my home. although there are plenty other asian students in my class, i just feel, not belonged to neither sides. I don't really feel belong to asian friends since they mostly plan to go back home after graduation anyway. I tried really hard to fit in uk, i speak good english, i dressed like them, i am super ambitious about career and participate in lots of events, i also now start to lead in some classes and discusses. But i definitely differ from british...this leads me to be self-conscious, even unconfident sometime, really. I just wonder how other thinks of me, as an individual or just as another asian girl?

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