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Basically at my college me and this girl who's older by a year has the same subject as me. When the teacher was talking to me she was staring at me, even after the teacher stopped she still was staring. When we had to get equipment I got up and walked over to get some and she got up and gave me it? When I open doors for her she'll say thanks and will say my name? I've never spoken to her before? I often catch her glimpsing at me._ does this mean anything? Does she find me ugly?
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Hi there! I doubt she finds you ugly if she’s staring at you, because why would you stare at someone who’s ugly? Sounds like it could mean something - it’s hard to tell. When I fancy someone I will look at them a lot and try to interact with them so her giving you the equipment may have been a way for her to interact with you. However, maybe she’s just being nice, or wants to be friends?
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