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I was walking with my Mum up town and we walked past these girls and they were smiling at eachother looking at me giggling, I kinda got anxious and looked away, does this mean they were making fun of me or something? Another thing happened when I was in my local shop and this girl wanted to get past so I let her past and she smiled and she kept smiling glaring into my eyes and when I went past her it was like she went really shy, she stopped what she was doing and looked down at the ground when I walked past, then I walked past this other girl down the road when I was walking past her she was with her friend and she stopped talking to her and looked up at me and she smiled and her posture shot up? she wasn't walking with a bad posture after she saw me. Am I ugly or something? I've had people say I'm handsome but I don't feel it, there has been times when I've looked in the mirror and thought I've looked handsome, but theres times where I've looked and felt the opposite
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actually it sounds like they think you’re handsome a lot of girls get shy when they see a cute guy and often don’t know how to act. (trust me, i would know.) as for the girls giggling, one of them probably thought you were attractive and said it to her friend which is why they giggled, not because she disagreed but that’s just what some girls do🤷🏻*♀️
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