Virginity and toxic ex boyfriend? Watch

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I was with my ex for 6 months and before I met him I was never that sexual type of girl . I’ve never really been around boys like that, and I kept my virginity safe as it was something important to me ( keep it till marriage - Islam ). When I started dating my boyfriend I felt really pressured to be sexual, we did many sexual things and a few days ago I think i lost my virginity. I’m not sure if it counts but he only put the tip in and then i told him to stop , but if I weren’t that tight he would’ve Carried on which in my eyes is rape. I told him I didn’t want to have sex but he really pressured me. I feel very very guilty , even if we didn’t have proper sex, even the tip went in . Also I popped my cherry because of him ( fingered) . I broke up with him because I realised he’s a liar and manipulative, he also lied about the girls he had sex with, he just looks like some sexual predator. I feel so disgusted with myself for ever allowing myself to get that comfortable with him what do I do ?
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Virginity, at least for me personally, is when a penis has fully penetrated. "Popping the cherry" or taring the hymen happens to many girl before even having sex. Like girls who do gymnastics tare the hymen or girls who horseback ride as well. So don't take "popping the cherry" as you lost your virginity. I wouldn't count fingering either. Would it count as a sexual activity, yes but not in the sense of losing your virginity. Don't feel guilty for what has already happened, you did the right thing by telling him to stop and ending the relationship. Remember you are not worthless just because you have done some sexual activities. You have learned this now and now you can focus on yourself and finding someone who will respect you. There is more to a girl than her virginity. It took me a while to learn this as I come from a religious family as well. What makes one great is who you are and how you treat others. How you carry yourself and respect yourself. We are human and we make mistakes to learn from them.

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