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I currently got accepted from Leiden University political science (the Hague campus) but still waiting the same major of UvA. I wonder what would be the wise decision between the two universities in terms of academic reputation not only in NL but also other European countries. Moreover, I also would like to know approximately how many students studying politics and international relations in Leiden University apply master's degree in UK and US.

Lastly, if I graduate Leiden university located in the Hague, will my certificate mention 'the Hague campus'?

Thank you
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Congratulations!, You pose some good questions, but they might not , in the long term scheme of things, actually be that important.

When I lived in Netherlands I always preferred Den Haag over Am'dam, Too many bl°°dy tourists in Am'dam, at some times of the year. But that was me.

Now I'm working for the European Commission, a permanent civil-servant, recruited a while ago. At time of recruitment there were two categories, "assistant" level and "administrator" level. If you ever read the Commission employment portal, you'll see that there are competitions organised. such as this one
this particular one is for a permanent official, Graduate entry, grade AD5 which is OK (and is in the "administrators" category)

Reading the 'how to apply'
it eventually references a "sample tests" webpage , now this is where your first question about "in terms of academic reputation" is answered, there are further categories of employment now listed on this page , a few different assistants, a few different administrators and a few specialised translators etc...and some sample tests that are linked

Nowhere on this page does it differentiate between Oxford, Leiden, Praha, Den Haag, Amstelveen, Den Helder, even the fictitious University of Farmington. You do need to complete your EuroCV, maintain your EPSO profile up-to-date, apply to all competitions that you are interested in. never lie.

Many of the assistant competitions require that you have completed High School education , and can prove it with a diploma or two; many of the administrator competitions require that you have a degree obtained by studying approximately 180 harmonised Bologna Process ECTS points at whichever institution you selected, for your own reasons. Some of my friends who are administrators and specialists tend to have masters or even doctorates in their technical or managerial field, from universities far and wide, some simply have bachelors. Some assistants also have BSc or BA, as some years there are not that many competitions, and people who are a bit overqualified can apply for a 'lower' job, as in practise in an employer like the EC, they are flexible and will allow some career changes from one profile to another.

....back to you, and your dilemma! so an application to COM is, for the most part, completely university blind. That's because all the first part of the job seeking procedure is done , fairly well, by EPSO nowadays, and typically by computerised based testing (CBT) of each individual candidate's skills at numerical and verbal reasoning. It therefore depends how well you have learned at your preferred university, rather than which university did you attend.... ....though, I do agree that sometimes these points are subtly interrelated. (That's probably why you ask TSR)

I'm sure that by the time you pass the CBT testing, and make it to a human interview, probably in a couple of languages, which college you went to may come up, but it will, I guarantee, be in a non-discriminatory way, just for interest and to see what your thoughts about your town or city may have been.

Finally, this is just one company, though they do have about 50,000 employees all over the EU and beyond, and they do pay fairly well. You might find some old fashioned companies where which place you studied might be more important than "did you learn anything?", no, I doubt that actually.

I loved my four years in the Netherlands... I'm sure that you will too

just my thoughts

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