There will come a time when mankind will love five things and forget five things.

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: God Said :
There will come a time when mankind will love five things and forget five things.*

1. They will love the enjoyment* of this world and forget the day of judgement.

2. They will love money and forget the day of accountability of how they acquired and spend the money.

3. They will fear things that are created and* forget the creator.

4. They will love beautiful mansions and forget their grave.

5. They will love sins and forget to seek for God's forgiveness.

Oh God, bless those who spread this message.

Come to think of this?.......

1. Eternal life = free
2. Church entrance = free
3. Christ's salvation = free
4. God's love = free
5. Breath of life = free

A. Cigarette = pay
B. Prostitution = pay
C. Alcohol =pay
D. Nightclub entrance fee= pay
E. Powers to rule the world = pay

Then why are people paying for hell while PARADISE is free?
Think twice
Believe in Christ and you shall be saved..*******************
*We always think of Valentine's day
Birth day
Father's day
Mother's day
Children's day
Our day,
Farmer's day
Teacher's day
Christmas day
Independence day
Boxing day,
This day,
That day,
Day in Day out.

Have you ever thought of Judgement Day, is it going to be a day of celebration or condemnation for you ?
If you’re safe, what about your friends & loved ones. Show them love by telling them about the Judgement Day.
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Peach my guy.

Every person will be held accountable for their actions it will be a day of recompense and justice.
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you lost me at God lol
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Expecting God to solve our problems with some kind of Judgement Day is lazy. God lives in us. We have to solve our own problems.

I have more faith in humanity. I believe that the time will come when humankind will:

1) Love all of each other, with no exceptions, and forget how to wage war

2) Love work for its own sake and its own rewards, and forget this thing called money

3) Love all the world and all the creations that live in it, and forget how to pollute and exploit them

4) Love all genders, races, sexualities, and creeds in equality, and forget to discriminate

5) Love learning and empiricism, and forget ignorance and blind faith.

And when that day comes, His will will be done, and Earth will be as it is in heaven.

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