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Hi, everyone
I've been with my Boyfriend for two years now and we live together with his Brother and rent off their parents.
My Boyfriend has a Sister that I don't like because (I hate to say it) she is the rudest and most disrespectful person I've ever met. I don't make it obvious I dislike her. She keeps dumping her puppy on her parents and my partner. Today is mine and my Boyfriend's anniversary and wanted an intimate evening to ourselves. We made is clear it wasn't convenient for us tonight. What I'm upset about is, his Mother was also pushing the dog onto us today and saying we're ''Picking on her Daughter'' because my Boyfriend said she should look after her own pets. The Mum is a very big push over and allows her Daughter to take the piss out of her, but that's her choice. This isn't an isolated incident. Earlier today, the Sister called my Boyfriend ''A f**** S*** T* because he was trying to quieten her untrained noisy puppy in public because he was disturbing people. Total lack of respect. I'm a student and get tutored at home and then the dog is dumped here. I pay to live here and I feel like I should be comfortable in a place I call home. I've spoken to my Boyfriend and he said he'll support me more.

I feel like I'm excluded in things going on in the house. I feel like if I tell the Sister or parents we're not dog sitting or that talking to my Boyfriend like a piece of dirt is not acceptable will cause problems. I feel like the parents could easily say to me ''If you don't like it. Leave'. I've always had a good relationship with my Boyfriend's family and I enjoy their company and the Sister's attitude is known. But how do I go about this? I wasn't raised to disrespect people, especially my family and for them to allow their Daughter to behave like this is really unsettling to me. Do I speak to my Boyfriends parents about this?
Thank you for advice
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You need to be firm. Any reasonable person wouldn't try and dump and dog on a couple on their anniversary. No means no. I would speak to your boyfriend's parents with him and address the problem head on. Don't be aggressive or insulting, just explain that as a couple you need your own space sometimes. I would definitely start looking at moving into your own place if you can afford it, much better than living in a house full of tension and where you don't feel respected. It's can always get awkward renting off or living with in laws, at the end of the day you're in their house and they can always hold that over you.

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