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Hi, name's Mosh, I'm 19 going on to 20. When I was 17 I had some mental problems that i needed to sort out after having nearly two mental breakdowns in class. But now that I've matured and been in the working world I have just applied for my level 3 media course at my local college again. It's going to be tough to be accepted again due to dropping out first time however my main concern is being accepted into college and being kicked out of my parents home. They don't want me to go back to college to get an education anymore as they think I'll waste everyone's time thanks to my older siblings actions in the past. I've tried convincing them I won't do the same thing but they won't budge and my mum has stood by her words. 'if you want to go back to college, you need to find another place to live' I'm thinking on applying for the foyer in my home town as rent would be cheaper, but would they accept my application as i know the consequence of being kicked out? How would any of you manage this situation, my siblings can't take me in due to limitations of space or living far away. I have already sent an application now waiting on an interview and hopefully, I'll get accepted on to the course. Thanks for the help
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Apply for a part time job?

You are almost 20 so I can understand your parents concerns about starting a 1-2 year course.
If you can get a part time job then you can offer to pay your parents for housing you and try and keep them happy.

Nearly all the mature students here have part time jobs or even F/T jobs and some have kids as well so should be doable.

Personally though I'd have a think about doing a course in 'media'.
Because a local college course in media is worth nothing on its own and is only useful as a prerequisite for university entry which means you will be doing a total of 5+ years in education. That's a lot of time in further education for a career in 'media'.

I don't know much about the subject but maybe look into other pathways into your choice of career as I'm sure they are available. Entry level roles etc.

My personally opinion of a media degree is very low. I know someone who has completed one only to be offered minimum wage work/entry level work in the film industry. So even when you complete the college course then the degree you may still experience quite a few years on a very low wage while you build up your experience etc.
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