Feeling trapped... Do I have to pay back my PGCE bursary if I go to work abroad? Watch

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Buckle up buckaroos it's a long story.

Essentially I have had a change of circumstances during my PGCE course, which has severely affected my mental health.

Now I just want to say - I went into my PGCE with every intention of being a teacher for life, I have wanted to do so since I was in secondary school myself and have worked abroad teaching English and worked as an SEN Teaching Assistant to gain some experience before starting the course and was full steam ahead up until about 3 weeks ago. I was offered a job at my phase 2 placement and fully intended on working there for many years to come, I was a bundle of joy and enthusiasm.

Due to my change in circumstances, I feel trapped and isolated in a city where I am training which is nowhere near my family and friends. It is the end of the Easter break now and I feel sick and have been in tears at the thought of returning to said city.

I originally decided to stick it out and power through my NQT (school is local to my course providing Uni) but I am dreading returning today! I thought of speaking to my Course leader at Uni to see if they could help me perhaps turn down my post from my phase 2 school starting in September and look for something locally in my hometown - but I now have been offered a position in my previous TEFL job abroad with more pay and my heart is leaning towards that (which seems stupid I know as I feel lonely on my course but I have friends and family in the country abroad)

My main reason for feeling trapped is that I feel compelled to complete my NQT next year in the UK when really what I need is some time away from teaching in the UK. I understand when you sign the contract for the bursary it says that "I am expected to take up a teaching position in the UK on receipt of a bursary", but will I have to pay it back/will legal action be taken if I do not take up a teaching job in the UK?

Any advice is appreciated as I am very stressed about everything at the moment and sorry for the long story!
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You don't have to pay anything back from your bursary if you don't go into teaching.

If you drop out during the course, you may have to pay back a proportion or all of that month's bursary, and you may be liable for fees until the end of the course.

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