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I’m doing an intense driving course and my driving instructor has really poor constructive criticism- when I don’t understand what he means when he explains something he continues to explain in the exact same way and makes out like I’m thick for not understanding.
He sighs heavily and is like ‘No no no I just don’t know why you can’t get it right’ and repeats that it’s ‘frustrating for us both’.
I had my first lesson today and got onto a main road doing 30mph, which I would be very pleased with if he wasn’t like-‘well I wanted you to go further’
I was thinking of just getting out of the car and walking home but my parents paid a lot for it so I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to cause any aggro. What do I do
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He sounds utterly terrible. Comments like those from him in your first lesson are moronic.

If your parents have paid for the whole course up front I would read up on any refund policy. If it doesn’t look like there’s any way out, you need to have an honest conversation with him to explain that his teaching style is not helping you currently. Remember, it’s his job to find a teaching style that works for you. If he gets defensive or weird then you know for certain that he’s hopeless.

Otherwise just stick out however many hours you’re paid up for and then find someone else.

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