No clue what to do after I graduate, feel I've failed in life

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Long rant sorry need to get it out of my head.

I graduate from uni this summer but I have no clue what I will do afterwards. I wanted to do an MA but my grades have been rubbish, current doing my final module worth 60% of the year, if I did well it on it, it could possibly give me a 2:2 overall if not then I will most likely graduate with a third and doubt my MA application would get a second look . I can't get a job with a third and probably won't get into a graduate scheme with a low grade. What am I going to do? What can I do?

I feel like such a failure, I'm 27 and have achieved nothing. Always been behind other people my age, after I finished school, I went to college for 7 years then did a gap year before starting uni at 24 years old and now I'm going to graduate from uni at 27 and for what? A third fml
I don't know where the time has gone. I'll be 30 in 3 years and have no significant achievements to my name. I feel like I'll always be behind in life, I'll never get anywhere, all the life milestones like career, marriage etc will happen later in life or not at all and my life will be over soon. 27 years have gone so fast, I'll blink and another 27 will go by and another if I'm lucky to live that long and then I'll die. What was the point in me even being born if that's how my life is going to be?

I'd make a good immortal, then I'd have no time limit and could take my time. I've got 50 years left to live if I'm lucky. I don't see that being enough though like I'm through a third of my life already and have gotten nowhere I don't see how 50 years will change that. Life has been so unfair and cruel to me, death will be even worse. I dread the day I'll die and cease to exist, an even worse fate than life. I don't get why life exists just to have it taken away, it's just cruel. You live to be someone and then die as if you were no one and your life meant nothing. There is no God, religion was made up to control people to believe. I've lost all hope.
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Wow okay that was deep. Well who decided when the right time is to succeed in your career? Or to get married? These are social constraints, made up by society. Just how you believe religion was made up to control people, social norms have been made to make people feel there’s some sort of time frame you’re meant to be following, that in some bizarre way equals how successful you’ve been? It’s bs.

The actual fact is you will be graduating with a degree, you’re already better off against those who couldn’t get into uni, or failed their retakes. You’re 27, your entire life ahead of you! Make whatever you want of it. Why can’t you get a job with a third in your degree? They might prefer your experience, or your answers on pre screens or your answers in interviews? Apply for whatever, maybe you will find a new interest, a new path? Maybe you could just get whatever job that requires no degree and spend your salary on traveling the world!

The world is whatever you make of it. I believe in god but as you’re an atheist maybe life could just mean enjoying the little things life has to offer. The smile you can put on someone’s face? The impact you can have on the life of someone less fortunate? Learning? Who’s stopping you from getting your dream job in 10 years time? No one knows what life beholds, but isn’t that nice? Knowing that there’s there’s a slight possibility, no matter how small, that one day you could have everything you ever dreamt for?

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