Wrong A levels. Want to take another one in a gap year.

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When taking my A levels, I purely chose them because of my GCSE results- which ones I enjoyed and thought I could do well in. This was because I had NO idea what I liked or wanted to do. So, I chose 3 very different subjects- Biology, RS and Art. I understood that personally, I wasn’t going to do anything with RS and Art. I chose biology because it was a subject I grew to love while revising for my GCSEs, but I never thought of myself as a science-y person.While starting A Level (currently in year 12), I have really grown to love biology. However, when I went to a UCAS convention with the school, I found out that most universities don’t let you take a lot of science subject without two science a levels. I like the idea of going beyond just biology, so I have more variety to choose from, however, this would require chemistry as an a level. I wanted to do a gap year and go travelling, but I have now grown to the idea of studying A Level Chemistry in a gap year. I have spoken to a career adviser and they have given me some ideas- I can go to a college in Bath and do the A Level for a year at a price of £8000 or study at home for £700. The price isn’t the biggest issue, but I thought I’d write this forum because I wanted to know if I have any other options of if anyone else has any experience with changing an A Level or starting a new one (I’m near the end of Year 12 now). Also, I would like some help on how I could go about this situation: where I could look, who I could ask, etc.. Thanks in advance!!
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so timeline if you want to do the a level in one year:
as level - finish in summer
a2 level - finish by february

then go to :http://www.a-levelchemistry.co.uk/, print out all of the papers and do them.
whilst you are doing this, i suggest using the specimen papers on the aqa website as a way of assessing your progress.
http://www.a-levelchemistry.co.uk/. this website also has a lot of topic tests which can also be used to assess your understanding of topics.

topics you need to focus for A2
Transition Metals
Acids and Bases
National Extension College
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Hello Tashlecomber,

If you are interested in studying A level Chemistry online while on your gap year, the National Extension College offers A levels that have been designed to the latest specifications to give you the best possible chance of success. You’ll need to study for around 350 hours for each A level, plus additional time to complete assignments. This breaks down to around 8-9 hours per week across one academic year.
You’ll have access to your course for up to 24 months and this can usually be extended if needed, giving you the flexibility to work to your own timetable, around your other commitments.
As long as you have an internet connection you can study anywhere in the world and be ready for exams in 2020.
If you are thinking of doing your practical endorsements for Biology and/or Chemistry, please read the following:
A Practical Endorsement is a laboratory skills assessment after which a ‘Pass’ or ‘Not Classified’ is added to your certificate separately to your grade. Check with your university if they require it for each science A level.
Work is completed in a laboratory over four non-consecutive dates in February and Easter holidays in the year of your exams.

You can find more information by visiting our website.
If you have any queries please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.

I hope this helps.

Course Advice Team

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