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What do I need to do to achieve a 6, or higher in English Language?
I have been doing practice questions, doing the activities in the CGP revision and workbooks, and mainly trying to write in more detail. Also, I have using the glossary at the back of the CGP books. All of these tactics have helped, however, I feel as if I am not getting any better. Even though, according to my parents, and English teacher, I keep on improving. What shall I do?
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I’m assuming we’re talking about GCSE English Language.

I speak as a significantly improved Student, from 4 to an 8 in the latest mocks.

What seems to be the problem? Is it the structure of your answer, the quality, or the length?

Quality is of the most importance obviously, I suggest reading some grade 7-9 answers or exemplar answers for a certain language question - some ideas need to come from somewhere don’t they?

Learn your terminology, I assume that you already learned numerous English-specific terms because you’re already writing a lot of practice questions. Learn some rare terminology, not too much though.

I advise for you to look at the specifications to guide the content of your answers.

Remember: It’s always better to analyse small parts like for example,

“But my city comes to me in its own black plane.”

You could comment on why there’s a sudden use of “But”, and you can even comment on the adjective “Black” - that it’s often regarded as colour of dominance. “Plane” being fragile, easily manipulated. You can see a juxtaposition between Black and Plane, comment on its effect. However, make sure you link the ideas to the question, don’t just start analysing stuff. Always state the language term when using a quote, if you’re not sure just use the term ‘word’ when defining a word. You have no choice lol.
Also look out for strange word choices such as “The Clock strikes at 13 o’clock” there’s no 13 o’clock in this world, suggest why it’s been put there and it’s effect.

Okay, seems cliché... but do watch Mr. Bruff, or Mr. Salles on youtube. I personally prefer Mr. Salles, helped me a lot.

Do not stress too much when writing! A lot of people overthink and that causes some of them their downfall. Just calm down and relax, and write freely but carefully.

Okay, apparently this is useful: write in a messy cursive but make sure it’s readable, it makes it as if you were writing in a smooth constant speed. Makes you look more intelligent and therefore manipulate the examiner that you deserve a higher grade lol. This is from one guy from youtube. I started to do this in my Nov and Feb Mocks, and got an 8 in both so I don’t know, maybe it does work?

Good luck on the GCSE exams, 18 days until the first day of Exam :0.

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