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Hey everyone, currently choosing the unconditional which I received from Trent, however, now I'm troubled with the accommodation side.
Usually, I don't fret about making friends and such as I find it easy and comfortable to do so, however, as I will be living in a place with the same people for a year or more, I would like to have a firm choice.
I myself are a lively person, which is why I'm looking for lively accommodation. My lectures are known to be held in the Clifton campus, but the accommodation and the place looks quite boring (New halls), no offence, I've watched some room tours and campus tours etc, most rooms look the same but they're still nice (en-suite).
For me, without sounding rude, I would like to live in halls where it is known to be lively and ethnically diverse, it may seem not important or may even come off as rude, however, it would just make me feel much more comfortable. As, I, my self is Asian, and it would be nice to be mixed in with other cultures.
So in conclusion, which accommodation is the best suited for me?

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