i dont know what to do for my career when i am older

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I'm 15 im moving into year 11 in 4 and a half months i dont know what to be when im older for my career i want a good job but i dont want ton go to university i was thinking to be a pathologist but i dont feel like ill get the right grades for it i know ive got alot of time to think about what i want to do but all my friends know what to do when they are older, me? teachers always ask me what i wasnt to be when im older and i just say i dont know. i was thinking to work in a shop eg. B&Q, CEX ext.
but if anyone got any ideas please help. i like video games, consoles , clothing, food. if you got an idea please help and i dont want to work to far either, i live in sutton-in-ashfield
thank you
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Don't try to force a decision right now. If you make a decision because you feel you have to, rather than truly being passionate about that choice, then it's only going to backfire later.

That's how you end up like me: paying tuition out your own pocket to do a second degree because your first won't get you the type of job you really want to do.

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