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hey everyone , im currently solving past papers for my business and economics A level exams, although im a very good student, i study well, prepare, and thankfully get good marks , i have gotten A’s in business and economics so far , but A levels are far more strict than previous years so im very concerned , i have a but if an anxiety issue and eventhough i know there is nothing i can do and i have to take the exam and i prepared well i cant change the outcome, its the wait for the exam and results is whats making me panic, i dont really care how much i get but at the same time i deserve to do well because i have been working my ass off on business and economics but im just very scared , does anyone have any tips to manage stress , business and economics tips for studying , my teacher is very much useless so i have been working extra to cover up for her missing notes and easy exams
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The first step is realising that you are far from alone, because everyone goes through that. With no exceptions. So the anxiety you're feeling is, bluntly put, the most expected feeling you could be having in this situation.

If you are fairly anxious, yet can state on a public forum that you're a very good A student, there is absolutely no need to question your academic capability to perform well in your upcoming exams.

As corny as it may sound, believing in yourself is the most effective path to performance. From a psychological standpoint, believing in yourself directly impacts your ability in doing said thing; a weak student will perform better by believing in themselves, and a strong student will perform worse by choosing not to believe in themselves.

In summary, the key to managing your stress regarding exams is to, firstly accept that your anxiety is natural, and that all of us will share it during exam study, and to trust in the abilities that you know you have. From reading your post, it is evident to me that you are a hardworking, academic student. If you remind yourself of these qualities and the attainments you have been making, I have no doubt of your performance in your exams.

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