Is British politics broken? Watch

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Hiya so I am answering that qs for a short writing competition, and i think it is, bcas I hate FPTP and even with new parties emerging in the centre, I'm just too cynical to think that they are going anywhere. Anyway I was just wondering other ppls opinions on the issue

if u want to read more abt it i recommend
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the political system isn't broken in itself. Theoretically its a very practical and solid system that has worked pretty well for over a century.

What is broken, and what I would focus on if I were writing about it, is the dislocation between our culture and the political system. My argument would be that like many of our old institutions, our political system was designed in a pre digital era, and is not fit for purpose at all in the modern age. That doesn't mean its not and wasn't a functional system, but every year it is evidently becoming more and more disjunctive with our quickly shifting culture.

Then I would create a body of content explaining how our culture has shifted in the past 30 years, and how it doesn't fit a FPTP system, and examples of real world events, mainly brexit, that were caused largely by the disconect between the people and the goverments FPTP systems have been generating.

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