Misconception Monday: Long-Distance Relationships Watch

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This week, we're looking at misconceptions around long-distance relationships. I know first-hand just how many there are floating around, for example:

- Long-distance couples always cheat on each other
- Long-distance couples don't know how to act when physically together
- Long-distance relationships never work

What about you? What misconceptions do you find exist around long-distance relationships? If you're in one, are there any that people have about your relationship? Did you used to hold misconceptions about them? Let us know below!
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When i mentioned to my friends i was seeing someone who lived a couple of hours away, they often assume the person isn’t real. Like, i could show them a photo and they’d think they were a catfish. I think people automatically assume people are liars online, and yes you should be wary of meeting them, but if you video call / snapchat then there is a limited risk of someone lying to you. I think people who don’t do long distance find it hard to understand how people can get attached and find love in someone. It’s stupid really, what’s the chances of your soulmate living down your road?

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