Has the government got it wrong?

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Successive governments throughout the 20th century and into the 21st century have looked at primary and secondary school almost entirely in terms of academics. Students are evaluated and graded academically (SATS results in primary and GCSE grades in secondary). Almost every educational reform over the decades has been academic.

One of the commonest arguments directed at parents to decide to home educate is the one about socialisation and learning social skills, or more precisely, how their children will achieve them outside of school. Experience has revealed that concerns over socialisation and social skills overshadows concerns about whether parents can teach academic subjects to the same standard as schools; children missing out on practical work; or how to take GCSE exams.

Therefore it is safe to say that a significant fraction of society believes that schools also exist for the purpose of socialisation and for children to learn social skills, as well as academic subjects. This is despite schools not explicitly teaching social skills and social skills not being part of the National Curriculum. PHSE / Citizenship / British Values functions more as a means of indoctrinating children with what the government wants them to believe rather than teaching social skills for use in society.

Therefore has the government got it wrong when it comes to what society believes the purpose of school is for?

Also factor in that large numbers of parents believe that it is more important for children to attend school rather than excel academically and they don't care much about their GCSE grades. This phenomenon tends to be more pronounced amongst the lower socioeconomic groups and some ethnic minorities.

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