could someone mark my eng lang p2 Q2 plsss

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could someone give this a mark out of 8? This is Eng Lang paper 2 Q2:

Both writers in both sources are completely aware of the ‘lack of female role models in sport,’ and view the importance of attracting more females into sport. Whilst the writer in source A, the writer comments that although ‘some folks’ like to turn down women in sport, sport is still seen to be ‘the very best think for her,’ to infer that sport is essential for the physical and mental well-being of women, perhaps because women in the 19th century lacked opportunities. Similarly, the writer in source B indicates an ‘inspirational female figure’ to suggest that women in sport are looked up to as they’re such a ‘lack’ of them yet sport is very necessary to make women ‘feel good.’
Additionally, the writer in source A views sport as an exciting activity as she describes rowing to be not only the ‘healthiest,’ but also the ‘most enjoyable,’ suggesting that sport for women is a privilege, particularly for women in the 19th century where it was difficult for them to do anything. In a similar way to this, the writer in source B describes how her and her husband, ‘laughed,’ and ‘played,’ and ‘joked’ when playing sport suggesting that she sees the improvement in the tolerance of women in sport, and now she can experience the animated moments having fun with sport.

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