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I have a six marker on Arteries and veins
I have said these things for arteries but i dont know how to compare it to veins
wall is thick ;
thick layer of collagen ;
collagen provides strength ;
endothelium folded
so no damage to, endothelium / artery wall as it

to maintain pressure
thick layer of elastic tissue
to cause recoil and return to original size ;
thick layer of smooth muscle ;
narrows lumen
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An easy way to go about a comparison question if you're unsure is to contrast the differences between the two elements around a single feature. In this case, you've mentioned wall thickness, elastic tissue, lumen size, etc.. So, for example, try to explain why veins have thinner walls, have less elastic tissue, and a wider lumen than arteries by relating them to its function.

Let me know how it goes!
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Think about the purpose of the 2 different vessels and where they are taking blood to and from.

Veins are taking deoxygenated blood back to the heart so the blood does not need to be under as much pressure (compared to arteries that need the high pressure to reach all capillaries and allow nutrient transfer into cells) therefore the walls are thinner. They also contain valves to stop the back flow of blood due to the slower blood flow.

For a comparison 6 marker, I usually follow the plan of:
- define or explain the key words (this case vein and artery)
- describe the structure and function of one
- compare and contrast the structure and function of the other (using words such as whereas arteries have..../similarly to veins, arteries...)
- potential for conclusion with main differences (if you feel that they haven't been as obvious throughout)

Hope this helps

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