Academic Survey for a Msc Degree thesis in Psychology.

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[Academic] Attitudes towards Sexually Explicit Materials and effects on relationships (English Speakers, 18+) link:

Hey Everyone!

This survey is for a MSc degree in Forensic Psychology. It focuses to see how someones attitudes towards Sexually Explicit Material (SEM) such as Pornography can be affected according to that individual's type of creative mindset and level of playfulness. In turn, it focuses to observe how attitudes towards SEM can affect an individual in their intimate relationships.

At the end of the survey you will get your scores in regards to your attitudes towards SEM, your level of creative mindset and playfulness, relational aggression, victimization and satisfaction. By clicking the link, you will receive more information about each term and how to contact the researcher or the campus (UCLAN Cyprus). Everything is confidential and not even the researcher can link the results back to the participants due to the nature of the study. You will have the chance as well to download your results at .pdf format for any future inquiries.

The study has received approval by the Bio-ethics Committee of the Ministry of Health in Cyprus and you may withdraw anytime by just closing the survey.

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