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Hello Guys,

Basically, I'm a graduate doctor from abroad and I have a full GMC registration with the license to practice. However, I haven't really had a proper job since obtaining my license in August last year. I have worked a few F1 locums through various agencies. I have also done a clinical attachment for a week. I am now looking for a trust grade FY1/FY2 doctor job for six months.

I still don't understand the whole revalidation, annual return, and appraisal stuff. I was, therefore, wondering if someone could explain the following:

1. Do I need an annual appraisal for revalidation? I am with a locum agency (that I've not worked for) that's supposedly my responsible body for revalidation.
2. If I am waiting around applying for jobs say for a month, would I be penalized by the GMC for gaps in my CV?

I would really appreciate your help, please.
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GMC will give you your next revalidation date- usually the revalidation cycle is every five years and you need an annual appraisal for your responsible officer to recommend revalidation. so yes, you need an annual appraisal and there is a form called MAG which is used for this and is done by a trained appraiser- your locum agency should help you with this, if you work for a trust the trust will co-ordinate your appraisals. gaps is employment is okay for short periods but long periods revalidation/appraisal may need to be deferred and that has to be authorised by your responsible officer

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