what is anime/ a waifu? Watch

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hello there people of the studen room i was wondering what a waifu is my son has recently started watching the tv show b chiku i dont know what anyof this is as i am new to it as a parent if you can help me with my situation please get back to meas soon as possible! your sincerly ~Wendy!
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your son should not be watching that. i heavily reccomend that you tell him to stop watching it.
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How old is your son?

If he’s 13-14 or older, then it’s normal for him to be watching something to that degree, however, if he’s younger then I’d either recommend getting him to not watch it or at least realize that he may be going through puberty early and perhaps give him his space. (Because if he’s watching this, then he’s probably already got a clear understanding of the birds and the bees already)
But before you jump to too many conclusions, most anime isn’t that provocative, but this one is more ‘revealing’ and ‘perverse’ than most anime. But for a teen, this is normal and not particularly unhealthy to watch. Most teens that I knew that watched anime also watch shows similar to b chiku and it didn’t have any negative affect on their personality. (We’re young adult now and psychologically it didn’t harm us).

As for what a waifu is, it’s a common slang term for an animated girl that one finds attractive and one would probably date if they were real. It basically the equivalent of finding yourself attracted to a character, like in a book, movie, or show, except in this case it’s over the animated character. Which honestly may sound weird, but a lot of people have had crushes on characters in books, movies, or shows and it’s not that different.

Hope this helps

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