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Joke Motions should have a slightly stricter regulation

Joke Motions should have a slightly stricter regulation

In the future, all joke motions submitted should pass the following tests, as judged freely by the Speaker:

1: Does the motion refer to events that have already escaped the public consciousness. Aka: let's not ban huddersfield shirts for a loss that happened weeks ago

2: Is the motion a derivative of or similar to another joke motion? AKA: No more football shirt motions.

If the motion infringes heavily on either of the above, then it shouldn't be accepted.

Other potential rules that you may want to consider, but I personally wouldn't consider absolutely necessary:

3: Has the amount of joke motions exceeded, or likely to exceed the amount of honest motions? (basically, should this motion be kept till a rainy day if the joke isn't time-sensitive)

4: Is the joke motion likely to cause a flame war? (Because the replies to the "TSR Secretary of State should resign like Gavin Williamson" motion is why we can't have nice things)

5: has the author submitted a large amount of joke motions recently (aka the "thestudent33, please calm down mate" clause)

Please primarily debate this petition on the merits of the main regulations, 1 and 2, so that the arguably unnecessary regulations of 3, 4 and 5 don't act to prevent people from supporting 1 and 2.

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