Some days I can’t face A Levels Watch

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A Levels are tricky, I get that. I get done what is required and nothing more, due to a lack of motivation (and somewhat interest in education; although I am ‘intelligent’ I really don’t know what I want to do with it and I don’t enjoy convential education and all that comes with it). Usually, around half way/3 quarters of the way through a term I just don’t feel like I can mentally hack it and it gives me headaches and makes me feel really quite low. I don’t know what to do anymore, I keep telling myself to stick it out and that I only have a year or so left, but I know it’ll only get harder from here and I don’t think I want that.I can’t say that ‘I know I have it in me’ because I really don’t know if I do.I could force myself to put in the hours and revise but if I’m struggling through mentally now with how I feel (like I exist solely for A-Levels) I’m not sure i could put myself through anymore. I really really don’t know what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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I had a similar issue when I was doing A-Levels. My issues weren't the A-levels though. My thought here is, have you ever had counselling or anything similar? It seems to me like you get burn out by the end of the term, which is totally normal, but perhaps some kind of counselling or CBT can help you find ways how to deal with it. Perhaps some more practical advice is to workout what it is that causes you to burn out. Perhaps you're not enjoying your subjects. It's not a failure to admit that you dont enjoy your chosen subjects as much as you initially thought you would, and now is a perfect time to make a change if that is the case, you might feel stuck but you really arent.

I hope this helps in some way!

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