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When the pressure to look a certain way is part of our everyday life and embedded into our culture, how can we rise above it?

"It’s definitely difficult, and that is part of why we are calling for action by government and industry to make changes that will start to shift attitudes toward body image on a societal level. However, as individuals we can make a start by following the tips below:

- If your body image is a significant cause of stress, or you’re being bullied about how your body looks, reach out to a friend, trusted adult or professional for support

- Spring-clean your social media – be aware of how certain accounts you follow, or apps you use make you feel about your body. If certain accounts make you feel badly about yourself or your body, consider unfollowing them, and instead focus on those accounts that you find interesting and that make you feel positive.

- Be considerate of the impact of your own social media posts on others, and be mindful of the ways that we speak about our own, and other people’s bodies in our conversations with friends and family

- Find the best way that works for you to stay active and focus on the benefits it can provide in terms of improving mood and decreasing stress, but don’t overdo it. The best exercise is the one you actually enjoy!

- Don’t make everything about your body. The more meaningful things you have in your life, like hobbies and friendships, the less likely it is that you will be preoccupied with your body. Your brain can only concentrate on a few things at a time, so make sure they are things you enjoy!"

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