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Hi all, I started taking Norethisterone on Tuesday to try and prevent my period, by Thursday my period arrived regardless which I expected as I have quite a heavy flow, I felt quite sick whilst taking them and had a lot of lower abdominal pain and bloating...I took my last 2 pills on Thursday, I thought it was best to stop as my period had started anyway plus it only needed delaying for an appointment that I had on the Thursday. Anyway, since then the abdominal pains have actually gotten worse, painkillers are not touching the pains and cramps at all...I have seen some similar reviews now that I’ve had the chance to look properly...the worse part at the moment is the nausea, I have such severe nausea, I’ve been feeling legs are weak, I keep getting twinging and a bruised feeling in my arm...I feel generally unwell/poorly and so weak. My question is, how long until I start feeling better? I will never make the mistake of delaying or trying to stop a period again, I would much rather let Mother Nature do her own thing, the worse part is I can’t do anything about it pain wise as nothing is touching it. I’m using the usual heat pads / hot water bottles too but no joy. I could honestly just cry, I hope this passes sooner rather than later. Could anyone share their experience? Thanks in advance!🌸
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I’ve never used it I use the combined pill to delay and control my periods. The only side effect I have had so far is spotting it is far better than this!

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