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I've been feeling so lost in terms of what to study, and even where. I start IB in September and I've chosen subjects that both interest me and can potentially leave a window for multiple study options open. However, everyone around me seems to know exactly what their plans are and this frustrates me a lot, are there any tips for me to find a study path I'm interested in?

Btw, these are my subjects:

HL Language and Literature
HL French B
HL Biology
HL Chemistry
SL Economics
SL Math: Analysis and Approaches
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To be honest that is a motive for doing the IB in the first place as it allows you to keep your options open and continue to study a lot of different subjects. Having said that the HL/SL divide can still limit you a bit. Some subjects there's a big difference between HL and SL - usually it's a lot more content in the HL side. Other things like B languages, there's not a great deal more expected of you doing HL versus SL. It's possible therefore that you could continue with 4 HLs as one of them is a B language, but you might also struggle and decide to drop one down to SL.

You're best off speaking to a careers advisor at your school or doing some work experience. Don't worry if you don't know what you want to study, it's not uncommon at this point. Presumably there are reasons you picked those 4 at HL so if for instance you were thinking of medicine (I say this only because the combination of Biology and Chemistry is commonly for that reason), I would do some work experience and then at the very least you can cross it off your list if you don't like it.
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