can anyone give me some feedback for my geography essay about deforestation

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I have written an essay about the impacts of deforestation and would be very grateful if I had some feedback!

describe the impacts of deforestation.

the tropical rainforests are extremely important in helping our world survive. however, we are cutting down 36 American sized football pitches every minute which is leading to extreme consequences . with no trees to absorb and recycle rainwater, it will rain with no effect so the water will join the sea and rivers which disturbs the water cycle. moreover, without trees balancing the carbon dioxide and oxygen in our atmosphere, climate change and global warming are worsening.
as there is a huge demand for palm oil and other resources, farmers are forced to clear the rainforest using a very common method of slash and burn. this is a process where plants and trees are chopped down and then burnt. farmers use this land to grow crops as the soil is very fertile, but soil fertility eventually falls a few years after the slash and burn. poor farmers move on to another section of the rainforest when this happens as soil fertilizers are very expensive and only rich farmers can afford them. the more times this process is repeated, the more tonnes of carbon dioxide which are released.

By the way, I am in year 8.

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