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I'm from a languages background currently figuring out my career pathway. I'm looking to retrain in a more quantitative/technical area as I've missed that since finishing my Maths A Level and studying a BA. It also seems to me that quantitative/technical qualifications are much more in-demand in the jobs market than anything my generalist background can offer. (I'd also like to get into international development as a career and I know the market is saturated with many well-intentioned generalists lacking the right technical skills).

I've seen this 'Speech and Language Processing' degree at Edinburgh which looks really interesting. I volunteer with Translators Without Borders so I feel like there might be a demand for expertise in Natural Language Processing in crisis response and international development.

But I'm not sure. Does anyone know how likely a NLP graduate is to be employed in their field? If many of them work in humanitarian and social projects?

I'm a bit worried by how very specific the training would be - meaning that if I were unable to make a career in NLP, the masters I'd invested in wouldn't be of much use in any other spheres. So I wanted to make sure it was a good bet before applying.

So far, I have an offer in France for Econ conversion and I'm thinking of applying to a generalist International Development MSc, too. Econ especially would give me a lot of options if I didn't immediately get a role as a development economist. But NLP would put my linguistics skills to use and just sounds so much fun tbh.

Any insights at all appreciated, I can't find much info at all upon Googling!

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