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I'm ideally looking for advice on my life to be honest, not an easy thing to ask nor answer really.

So to put it simply I'm 23 now I work which is fine within an agency, the job itself is decent it's challenging but the pay isn't the best.
I've been on the bad end of anxiety and depression from the age of 15-16, I've just had therapy which has helped to a degree.

I didn't go to university, I doubt my grades were good enough and I didn't even try as I know I'm not really smart enough to go to be honest.

My social life is non existent, I play a few sports with football, table tennis I workout in the gym 3 times a week. I know a fair amount of people, all vary in age etc. But really I have no close friends, so on the weekend I never have plans or anything to go out with people.

I don't feel smart in life, everyone around me seems smarter and can figure things out for themselves. I can;t seem to bond with anyone friendship wise, I have no girlfriend and am a virgin still.

I just want to live a normal happy successful life, I feel like I'm already to old and have missed my chance at a good life. Everyone seems to be smarter at 18 goes to university, makes friends goes to loads of events has sex and can make a good career and life out of it.

There is plenty more to the saga really, but I would like to know if I can turn things around or is it simply too late and should I just accept that I've failed in most aspects in life?
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no you can def turn things around, so long as you make the efforts

Join clubs (looks like u enjoy exercise- why not join a running club?) make friends, talk to people, invite ppl over, make plans with friends,

do courses and keep striving to improve urself. Read books, volunteer, get work experience- all of these will help you if you are browsing for another job

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