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Advantages and disadvantages of Metformin vs insulin injections for
Type 2 diabetes
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Depends on your hb1c (not sure if this is the right code) your long term blood/glucous count. If it is extremely high say over 58 or 15 count in old money (the way they used to work it out) then insulin may be the way forward but beware...'Levimure' (? spelling) can raise blood/sugar levels (Doctors deny this but many diabetics confirm this..Me being one). If your readings are just a little high then you might ask your doctor about controlling it with 'gliclazide' tablets in conjunction with 'Metformin' and better diet...Don't cheat much...It's not worth it long time. It is usually Type 1 diabetes associated with insulin injections but type 2 has been known but much less common.
Metformin does give you farts or more internal gas build up. If you drive and have insulin injections you must by law inform DVLA and have your licence entitlements (categories) restricted. DVLA can and usually do make you have official eye tests. Once they get their hooks into you it is very difficult to satisfy them. In saying that, you MUST notify them if you drive and taking/injecting insulin.

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