GCSE WJEC Eduqas Computer Science Paper 1 Unofficial Mark Scheme

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These may not be in order of how i remember then and i might have missed some questions out cause i forgot about them now; also im not writing every advantage disadvantage, use the revision guide cause i cba.
The conversion of different data types was simple.
The functional characteristics of RAM, ROM and RAM Cache Memory was easy (RAM; data is lost when power is switched off and stores currently running programs, ROM is permanent storage of data which cannot be altered and data is retained when power is switched off)
question on colour depth part 1, 8*20*1=160/8=20 bytes, part 2, i got 1280 (not sure if its correct did 160*8) and 256 for part 3, it was 2^8.
question on 5TB of data and how it was SSD and HDD i wrote and SSD more durable (no moving parts), both portable and SSD has a quicker access speed as it has no moving parts and direct access to data/information
there was a question on Boolean algebra, and the second part was to write AND Gate and NOT Gate
question on network (2 or more workstations connected together in order to share resources) and LAN is over a small geographical area and WAN is multiple LAN's linked together over a large geographical area (no need to write examples of them e.g LAN school and WAN, WWW (World Wide Web))
question of bus and mesh topology easy to draw and talk about advantage of bus (cheap), disadvantage of bus topology is something like data collisions lead to network traffic), mesh network advantage; no data collisions or few cause there are alternative routes for packets to travel to their destination but disadvantage is needs a network expert to maintain.
Acceptable user policy; acceptable staff behaviour which should be adhered to within an organisation e.g. no installation of unauthorised software, no use of external devices e.g. flash drives (USB's), not going on inappropriate websites etc.
compression ratio question = original file size/over compressed file size e.g. 195 in ratio 15:3= 5:1 simplified =195/5=39, 900/30:1=900/30 = 30, 180 by ratio 18:2 = 180/9 = 20, minimum it can write for the email = 2.
question on routing cost = easy, 6, 2, 8 10 i think (i'm not sure of the 3rd one of the top of my head)
circuit switching advantage ; reliable once connection is established, disadvantage, takes time for connection to establish.
questions on binary, denary hex = easy, i got 57 for hex, 91 for denary don't remember the binary 1, hexadecimal used as it is efficient and minimalises the chances of errors and overflow add them up, circle 9 bit (or extra bit) write ALU cannot handle extra bit, error flag occurs and CPU/ computer crashes due to extra bit, in the case of the 8-bit overflow shown above.
8 marker on boolean algebra, cba to show working for that 1 in the test
4 marker on stages of compilation is; lexical analysis, syntax analysis, semantic analysis and code optimisation (not generation)
run time error for error and declare subroutine on line 5 and close subroutine on line 12.
character sets : ASCII, Unicode, talk about that for 2 marker and state them 2 for the 1 marker.
last question on user interface was CLI, GLI, Menu Driven or Voice Driven (any 2 user interfaces) and write about them and then it talked about input and outputs, you were supposed to talk about how it relates back to the scenario e.g. for GLI provides output devices e.g. screen data is outputted (overtly simplistic here, forgot about the rest for the last question, sorry)
Well that's all i can remember i think, if i remember anything else, I'll make sure to tell you guys, or tell me if you lot remember anything that came up that I forgot, anyway good luck for the rest of your exams, see you in a bit, bye.

P.S. I got a bio test as well so i cant reply rn, sorry, gtg revise, gl for the rest of your exams.
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