Sexual abuse affecting studies- how do you deal with it? Watch

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I suffered from sexual and physical abuse in the past- around a year ago- and still have lingering side-effects and weird 'quirks' because of it. I jump at slight sounds, cant ever sit with my back to the door, struggle to sleep, sometimes dissociate and stare at walls for hours, still feel like hands are on me, get anxious when I don't have music playing, etc etc. It all makes it really hard to revise, let alone focus long enough to take the A-level exam/s.

I'm worried that some of the symptoms could be PTSD, and I want to get help, or maybe just find out whether I'm overreacting- surely I can't still have it so far after everything stopped (the abuse carried on for 2 years, but it was a year/ a year and a half ago now)?

If there is something wrong with me still, how do I go about getting help before exams? Sometimes I dissociate for hours because of it, and I can't afford for this to happen in an exam, but I don't really know what help I can get.

Does anyone know of online resources or something I can use to help? Maybe an app, or anything else that has helped anyone else with their experience with this? I'm open to anything that might help.

Thank you x
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Hey I’ve been through the same haha

Stay away from places that trigger you

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