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To give an overview: (Sorry if this gets long TL;DR at bottom)
I'm a first year
Studying UAL Level 3 Art and Design Diploma
Specialised in Visual Communications
Moved to current college in January
Studied ext diploma fine art at previous COLLEGE (Sep - Jan)
Continued Fine Art Diploma at current college
Moved to viscom and now on track for distinction Failed all previous modules

I generally just need advice. I moved from my previous college due to a really horrible break up and bullying. Love this college but hated fine art, was completely unmotivated and did little to no work. This is generally a problem for me considering I have depression, and motivation is on and off even now.

Failed previous module, started my FMP, hated it even more and had about 50% attendance. Moved to viscom, attendance is about 80% and on track for a distinction, have done more written work than actual artwork and have been putting my final piece off for a long time (due date is next Monday). I'm working hard but still feeling completely unsatisfied and uninterested with my course, find myself wishing I chose A-levels but knowing I'll probably have the same issue.

Trying to get a job, have been wishing to go to uni ever since I was little, due to depression gave up with GCSEs but still did pretty well. Not sure whether I should just brave this course, or drop out next year and try A levels.

My course has brought me to tears almost daily and I don't know what to do anymore, I feel like I gave up any chances of having a job I would've dreamed of having in school by choosing art.

TL;DR: Changed college, changed course 3 times, still hate art, wishing I chose a levels, feeling pretty hopeless in terms of getting a job - any advice?

Further details can be given but I think this is long enough,, sorry 😅

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