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I would say I'm quite left-far left but here are my views basically:

- I don't support communism even though the end goal of socialism is communism

- I hate consumerism
- Anti foreign intervention
- Socially conservative
- Pro Brexit
- Anti austerity
- Pro natioanlisation
- Heavily regualised free market economy
- Increased taxes for rich (only people earning over £100-£150K)
- Republican

I find I hold these views but when I've met actual people who claim to have similar views, they are just self proclaimed "marxists" who begin quoting Vladimir Lenin at every opportunnity etc, and on top of that, they are blatant hypocrites, as most of them go to private schools.

I think the differences between me and the rest of the modern left is that unlike many of the people I have met who don't want Israel to exist for example, I support its right (but I also want a palestinian state).

- A lot of people on the far left call for the destruction of religion. I'm Christian.

- I don't get the whole obsession with "imperialism", considering imperialism has not actually existed as a mainstream political ideology for years - I don't support a lot of the actions of the british empire, but they were no worse than any of the other empires that arose from europe at the time..Also I would have supported the soviet union, as do most of the people on the far left I've spoken to, but the soviet union was basically an empire with a socialist rather than capitalist ideology (considering it incorporated most of the territory of the former imperialist Russian empire)>

I used to be a libertarian and quite right wing, what ideology do you think would best suit me?
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you're economically left and socially right. you fit into authoritarian left.

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(Original post by kali8603)
I used to be a libertarian and quite right wing, what ideology do you think would best suit me?
The ideology of following no ideology. Are you looking for boundaries to your thoughts or just a tribe to fit in?

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