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Hey guys.

Posting anon because this is somewhat embarrassing?
I got the implant on the 4th March, everything was absolutely fine until around the 15th, when I'm normally due. I haven't stopped bleeding since. I went to my GP a week after because it was so heavy- i was bleeding through super absorbent tampons and pads in an hour, overflowing menstrual cups in 40 minutes e.c.t. Absolute nightmare, anyway, they put me on the cerelle mini pill to try and regulate the bleeding, and it has made the flow lighter, but again it's not stopped. I'm due again today, and it was really heavy last night so I'm worried it'll go like before again. When it first started being heavy, I couldn't go to work, and I was having to leave my lessons every 30 minutes. I couldn't go anywhere, and obviously I didn't really want to have sex so it's been affecting my relationship which is really upsetting me at the moment. With my first A Level exam on Tuesday, I'm stressed about it.

Any advice?
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