Getting Support for an Eating Disorder

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For those of you unaware, it's currently Mental Health Awareness Week, and the theme this year is body image.

On of the key issues around this is that of Eating Disorders; it can be really difficult to know what to do and how to get support for EDs, whether you are struggling with one yourself, or supporting a loved one who you're concerned about.

This thread is intended to both signpost to places you or your loved one can get the support you need, and to share any experiences with EDs that you might have had.

Getting Help for Yourself

If you're concerned you may have an eating disorder, it's really important that you see your GP as soon as possible. They'll be able to give you more information, and refer you on to a specialist if they think it's needed; you can get more information about going to your GP here.

It can be really difficult to open up, even to your GP, so it may be worth telling a close friend or family member, and asking them to come along to the appointment with you. You can also talk to an adviser from the charity BEAT, who will talk to you in confidence.

BEAT Eating Disorders
Tel: 0808 801 0677 (adult helpline) / 0808 801 0711 (youthline)
Email: [email protected] (adult helpline) / [email protected] (youthline)

Getting Help for Someone Else

If you're concerned about someone else, and are worried that they may have an eating disorder, you could encourage them to see their GP, and offer to go along with them if you think it would help.

Beat is also a really good source if you're supporting someone else, or have concerns about someone, and it has information on what to do if:

Have you, or your loved ones, had experiences with EDs? If so, where did you go for help?

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