Body Image and Social Media - Mental Health Awareness Week

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Body image and social media have lots of links. With our phones showing us what society's 'perfect body' is on a regular basis, to you editing your pictures so you look a certain way to feel comfortable enough to share them - social media has the power to change how you feel about your body without you even realising.

Have you ever wanted to post a picture of yourself but not felt confident enough, or edited your picture so you can get rid of what you don't like about yourself before posting? We here at The Student Room want to talk about how social media can have this effect on you, and how it can change your view on body image. A large portion of what you see out there isn't real life - it's been edited, posed for in a certain way, or changed.

However, social media can be used for good, with plenty of social media accounts trying to change this stigma around body image by posting unedited photos of people with all kinds of body types.

In your experience, do you think social media has a positive or negative impact on body image?

Personal Trainer TanksTalks, who uses social media to speak about body positivity, talks about how body image is shown in social media. Watch her video below to hear about it now!

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My daughter and I could not be prouder she talks from the heart and head she has walked the walk and come out the other side stronger , you may get some haters darling but no thing you can not handle just keep doing what you do and if you only help one it’s a job well done xxx tank talk keep going

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