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So the title is pretty self-explanatory, but basically, I tried applying for Law at university this year but the place I wanted to go to rejected me for lack of experience. SO my plan was to take a gap year and do a law apprenticeship for a year to gain experience and reapply in September.

BUT the problem is that I was originally going to apply for Literature at university but I chickened out last minute because whenever I asked people what career I could pursue with the degree no one seemed to have a clue. However, I spoke to my literature teacher today and she told me all the different jobs I could do and to have more faith in myself blah blah blah

So should I do Literature or Law? Anyone elses experiences with either of these courses would be extremely helpful.

Thank you!!
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Hi, I've moved your thread to the Applications and UCAS forum, from University Life.

In the UK you can go into law with any degree background, via a graduate diploma in law (GDL) or, soon, by taking the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE).

I am surprised you were rejected for "lack of experience"; law courses in the UK don't normally require any experience in the legal sector. Where did you apply that rejected you for this reason? Did they specifically state a lack of legal work experience was the problem when you asked for feedback? What was their exact wording?

Also legal apprenticeships are very competitive, because they allow you to earn your law degree while also getting paid and getting relevant experience in the sector anyway. If you can get one, it'd almost certainly be better to just stick with that and get your degree with no debt, a very likely job at the end of it, and also having a wealth of experience to apply with even if you don't get offered a position by that firm.
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