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this is in a random order btw. Let me know if you got any different answers

for letter x on the brain it was cerebrum cortex

for the synapse question, talking about the change from electrical impulse to chemical, neurotransmitter, and it diffusing to the other synapse then going back to electrical impulse

for why the brain in neurons are unmeilyiated i put about actions can be modified, it means the transmission of electrical impulse will be slow

the lens was concave or diverging

the multiple choice q about what domain or kingdom plants are in i put Eukarya or something like that

for the calorimeter q, talked about food is burnt in combustion chamber, the energy content is shown through the heating of the water that causes a temperature rise that could be identified on a thermometer.

for the lytic cycle, i put virus attaches to cell and injects genetic material, the viral genetic material forms a circle. cant remember the 3rd stage. 4th bit is about how the cell lyses and the virus breaks out.

the multiple choice q about protein synethesis i put rna polymerase.

6 marker was about the increase of people diagnosed with gornerrhoea. it could be prevented by using physical barriers such as condom to prevent exchange of bodily fluids. It had been occured in men more than females.

6 marker was about the punnet square about when mum has blood group of a and dad has blood group of b, explain why or how the child's blood group is o. yh i f*cked that one up bigggg

q about labelling axon was pisssss easy

q about describing 3 sub cellular structures in a bacteria cell. easy. Flagellum helps with its whip like structure for the bacteria cell to move. cytoplasm where chemical reactions occur. Mitochondria providing energy for bacteria cell by aerobic respiration.

cant remember any more. everyone go put their answers down below.

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