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So I am 17. I am currently pre-Everything, not yet medically or socially transitioned (MtF) - And I would like some help and advice.
Firstly - Names. Does anyone have any help coming up with names? I don't want anything sounding similar to my current name. I have thought of two at the moment, Katie or Olivia, but cannot decide which.

Secondly - Actually socially Transitioning. Does anybody have any help/advice on how to socially transition in terms of clothing / make up etc? I am a bit worried about people's reactions and judgements, so I want to make it subtle, yet noticeable - If that makes sense?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Hey! So proud of you for figuring everything out and deciding to take that step! It's so cool! Congrats!
I don't really have any advice on the social transition bit - maybe start with light make up, and then start wearing more gender neutral clothes that are slightly feminine if you want a super gradual transition? Whatever YOU feel comfortable with! Maybe ask other people what they did?
As for the names... I like Olivia! It's cute!
Good luck! xx

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