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hi all!
alright, to start, i'm scheduling an appointment with a professional rly soon, as my exams are close too (fine arts) and i dont wanna be stressing about not seeing well enough to draw properly on top of everything. i wanted to get opinions/thoughts though, like if you've been in a similar situastion and what to expect!
first off, was diagnosed with strabismus when i was about 5 or 6 (it was pretty severe then but it's gotten way better with age, like i dont even notice it myself anymore). when i was around 13 i noticed i was seeing kinda double out of my right eye but never bothered much with it.
years later (im nearly 20) it's become pretty obvious to me that im near sighted... from what i researched, as much as i could at least, it looks like my left eye is myopic and my right has astigmatism. what's interesting is that each each seems to be "filling in the blanks" for the other, esp at night.
also astigmatism is blurred vision at all distances, right? i think ive sorta gotten used to it by now but it does get annoying.
anyway thank u for reading this, thank u in advance
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