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Zeng Yihang
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Hello everyone, I am an IB student currently doing the external exams. But I have now experienced a very serious problem, that is, I have submitted every papers everything without categorizing them! For example, in my Chinese language A standard level paper exam, as they are all essays, I tend to write scripts and then copy the scripts. To be more explicitly, in my Chinese A exam, I first of all write down almost the whole essay ( that is, the script) on one of the answer booklets provided by the IB, and the I asked for another answer booklet to copy down and organize everything in the script, that is, I used two answer booklets provided by the IB. However, at the end of exam, I submitted both answer booklets to the IB, that is, I submitted every single thing that I have written down to the IB without any categorization!!!!
Since the script is very incomplete while the essay that I copied and organized from my script is very complete, I am really afraid that the examiners will look at the script in one of the answer booklets and think that ohhh, this is my answer! But my "real answer" to the question is not the script!!! My real answer is on another booklet provided by the IB as well!
Since the script and the essay are submitted together, may be the script is even at the front!
MY BIG BIG CONCERN IS: The script and the essay are submitted together and the script is even at the front! What if the examiner just looks at the script and thinks that this is my answer and neglect my real essay at another booklet, then my mark will be very very very low and even 0! Will this happen to me and can I asked for remark if this happen?
I am really really worry about this and I can't even sleep and prepare for my next exam tomorrow.I am now desperate to look for help from all of you.

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