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Hi all,

Without getting into too much details, I have basically missed my ICAEW registration deadline after completing my ACA in 2016. I reported this to ICAEW and they asked for the following documentation to be sent:

As your application is later than this we now need additional information from you to confirm that you still meet the admission requirements. To support your application please submit the following information:
  • Up to date CV
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) records since qualification, one sheet per year including details of any courses that you have attended
  • Training records (Please Note: if you have not kept copies you can send your application in without but we cannot say whether this would be acceptable even if recorded on the system. The application and documents may go to a “monitor” to decide.)
  • Covering letter detailing why your application is delayed
  • Two references*
    • One of your referees must be a current member of the ICAEW who must have known you for at least the last two years in a professional capacity.
    • Your current employer should also count as one of your referees, this reference should:
      • be on company headed paper
      • refer to the dates you have worked at your current employer
      • be signed by either HR, a Line Manager or someone in authority.
    • The referees must comment on your fitness for ICAEW membership, including whether, to their knowledge, there are any criminal, disciplinary, ethical or any other matters that might affect your application.

An admin fee of £100 (+VAT) is payable when submitting your additional information and you can pay using the attached form.

Does anyone have any experience of sending a late application for ICAEW registration? I am not sure what the cover letter should include and how detailed should it be. I have requested references from HR at my current employer (big 4 firm). However, as I switched employers after qualifying, it is going to raise few questions as well (which I am not looking forward to).

Can anyone also guide me on how detailed the training records need to be in a delayed application? Unforunately, I have no record of my training records between 2016 and 2017.

Thanks everyone, hoping to get helpful responses as all google searches have not been fruitful on this topic.......
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Hi, hope you managed to get everything resolved. I’m currently going through the same process so I hope you don’t mind if I ask a few questions.. How long did this whole delayed membership process take roughly? Also how detailed did he cover letter need to be? any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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