AQA A level Law 2019 (4th, 13th and 17th June) Study group 📚

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A lot of people who are sitting the A level law exams this June have been PMing me asking for help with the exams.

Paper 1 - 4th June
Paper 2 - 13th June
Paper 3A (Contract) - 17th June
Paper 3B (Human Rights) - 17th June

Here's the exam timetable for AQA law

Name:  law timetable 2019.PNG
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From what I've been told this is how the new exams are structured:

Paper 1 - Criminal and English Legal System
Paper 2 - Tort and English Legal System
Paper 3 - Contract and English Legal System

I'm going to answer some questions from this sample paper (Paper 1)

If you guys have any revision notes for this year please post them here

Please bear in mind that I sat my exams last June so I had the old spec but the content seems to be the same, it's just the way it's structured that seems different.

I have a whole thread on it here with lots of revision tips and how I got an A if you guys want to read it

*I've also added the revision notes in that thread! (Sorry it took so long, they're from my old laptop)

These are the Unit 3 and Unit 4 papers I had last year:

Unit 3
Unit 4

If you guys have any questions feel free to ask them here or PM me.

Good luck to those sitting their A level exams (can't believe it's been almost a year since I sat mine) 💙
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Hiya, do you have any notes at all? I have been ill a lot for the last 2 years, and I am sitting my exam this year if you could link any notes that you have I would really appreciate it! I'm not fussy about what topics they as I need to cover all the content. Thank you in advance.

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